In-Home Dog Training

In-home Training in Westchester NY

Professional Dog Training that Gets Results!

The choices you have when choosing a method for dog training in Westchester, New York can be overwhelming. There are group classes, boarding and training options, and, of course, in-home training.

Why In-Home Training?

Any of these options are likely to achieve some level of success. Group obedience classes may teach your dog basic commands. Sending your dog away for training may result in some one-on-one attention to your dog’s specific problems. Both of these options, however, barely scratch the surface of what in-home training with Camelot Dog Training West can achieve.

In-home training provides what no other type of training can: training in your dog’s daily environment, around the people he sees every day, immersed in the triggers that cause his behavior—with a professional trainer at your side. Group classes can only cover the basics, and it’s very difficult for dogs to receive one-on-one attention. It’s not the place to try and address major behavioral problems. If you send your dog away to be trained, he’ll learn how to overcome anxiety and any undesirable behavior, but he’ll learn to do that in a strange environment with a stranger.

The only surefire way to make sure your dog’s every need is truly addressed is to hire the best in-home trainer in your area. In Westchester, New York, you can count on Camelot Dog Training West.

We will come to your home, observe your pet’s behavior, talk to you about the changes you’d like to see in your dog, and design a plan to make it happen. You will have a vital hand in the training process because the goal is for your dog to listen to you and not just to the trainer. We will test the skills your dog learns while in the presence of his behavioral triggers to ensure the training’s effectiveness. We will not quit until you feel confident in the progress your dog has made.


Our in-home training program has helped combat behavioral problems such as:

  • Aggression
  • Destructive behavior
  • Territorial behavior
  • Leash reactivity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Housebreaking

We even offer an in-home puppy training program to help puppies acclimate to their new homes.

If you see your dog’s behavioral problem listed above, give us a call. If you don’t see your dog’s behavioral problem listed above, give us a call. We are experts, and we can help! 914.296.4100.