Aggressive Dog Training in Westchester NY

Aggressive Dog Training in Westchester NY

Behavior Change is Possible with Camelot Dog Training West

Aggression is by far the most disturbing behavioral issue a dog owner can witness in their beloved pet. It’s bad enough if the aggression is geared towards strangers or unfamiliar animals, but if a dog turns on a child or another pet or even the owner themselves, it can be hard for owners to even consider keeping their dog.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your dog is beyond hope, that you should re-home him, or, worst of all, have him put down. Euthanasia may sound extreme, but it’s not unheard of in the dog training world.

We Won’t Give Up on Your Dog!

Fortunately, many owners are choosing training as a solution, and they’re choosing in-home training through Camelot Dog Training West. We won’t give up on you or your pet. We know that your dog can be trained, and with a little help, your dog can be trusted.

We don’t turn away dogs based on breed, size, age, or the severity of aggression. We don’t judge you for your dog’s behavior. We’re just happy for the opportunity to help dogs stay with their families.

What makes Camelot Dog Training West’s methods so effective? Our programs are customized to fit each dog’s individual needs. We begin with an in-home consultation, during which we speak with you about your concerns, observe your dog in his natural environment, and determine potential behavioral triggers. From there, we use our knowledge of canine behavior and psychology to create the training regimen from which your dog will benefit the most.

The best part? There’s no obligation. Give us a call, we’ll listen, we’ll talk, and if you don’t feel confident in what we have to say, we won’t pester you to continue with the program.

However, if you do choose to continue with the program, we’ll work hard to help your pet beat his aggressive tendencies and become a calmer and happier member of the family. We’ll teach you important skills to utilize at home with your dog, and we’ll make ourselves available to you in person and through other convenient channels until you are completely satisfied with his behavior.

We’ve seen it all, including:

  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression
  • Food/territorial aggression
  • Sibling aggression
  • Fear aggression

Get Started Now! 

If any of these sound familiar, or even if you aren’t sure why your dog is acting out, please give Camelot Dog Training West a call at 914.296.4100. We can help.