Puppy Training in Westchester NY

Professional, In-home Puppy Training in Westchester

We don’t always get called to fix active behavioral problems; sometimes we’re called to prevent them. There is no better time to lay a solid foundation of trust and communication with your dog than when he is young. Puppyhood is the perfect time to set in your expectations and boundaries, and Camelot Dog Training West can help.

Rewards Based Training

As with all of our programs, our puppy training services are reward-based and take place in the comfort of your own home. We can give you insight to the way a puppy thinks, why they might act the way they do, and how you can establish yourself as the “alpha dog” from the start.

The term “leader” is not synonymous with “boss” or “bully”. Your dog is a part of the family, and no one wants to take the fun out of having a new puppy! Establishing yourself as the leader simply means that you will be deciding the rules instead of your puppy.

What age should I start training my puppy?

As long as your dog is at least seven weeks of age, we would be happy to perform a personal assessment of his behavior and create a personalized training program for him. We believe in teaching a man to fish, so to speak, so you’ll learn the same skills we use every day in our profession so that neither you nor your puppy require our constant presence to practice the training lessons. Housebreaking, socialization, and identifying budding behavioral concerns will all be on the agenda.

In-home training is a must for anyone thinking of bringing home a new puppy. No other form of training can provide the detailed, individual attention that your new addition needs, and no one else but Camelot Dog Training West will put such emphasis on owner education. It only makes sense that a young puppy should learn new skills in the place where he’ll be spending the majority of his time, with the people he’ll come to rely on as family.

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