About Our Professional Dog Trainers in Westchester NY


Professional NY Dog Trainer – Mark Peña

Mark Peña, a lifelong dog lover, grew up surrounded by dogs, and to this day possesses a genuine affinity that keeps dogs naturally gravitating toward him. At a young age Mark was enthralled with the family dogs, “Otto”, a German Short Hair Retriever, and “Bruiser”, a Black Lab mix, and he was always fascinated at their ability to flush out and retrieve fowl during his family’s annual pheasant hunting trips. Just how could these normally wiry and playful dogs be trained to be so disciplined and focused in performing their tasks? Mark’s fascination continued during his teenage years as he witnessed his older brother, Matt, train his beloved fawn Doberman Pincher, Mariah. Mark’s admiration for Mariah’s intelligence, obedience, and devotion to Matt raised his interest in dog training, and he helped to train one of Mariah’s pups who went on to be their grandparent’s companion dog, Oddie. Not surprisingly, Mark was always a first choice when dog sitting duties were needed by family and friends after school and over weekends.

Fast forward to the present, after graduating college and having a successful run in the corporate world, Mark has now turned his natural kinship with canines into a labor of love. As a professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, Mark gained his certification in the field through the rigorous study and education offered by renowned dog trainer John Van Olden and the Canine Trade Group, a network of experienced, professional dog trainers dedicated to the highest standards of conduct, knowledge, training and service. Mark then solidified that training through the sage tutelage of CTG member Tom Porier, owner of Camelot Dog Training, who helped Mark turn that expert knowledge into practical application.

It is with this knowledge and compassion that Mark strives to help families and their dogs find harmony in the home by teaching balanced, science based training methods that improve both behavior and communication between canines and their humans. Mark offers a full range of training from fundamental puppy obedience to resolving behavioral issues in older dogs such as anxiety and aggression. Taking on any age, and any breed, Mark hasn’t turned away a furry friend yet, and when he’s not helping families and their pets in this regard, he volunteers his services at the Stamford Animal Shelter. Backed by the expertise of the over 40 professional dog trainers within the Canine Trade Group, there is no issue too difficult for Mark to tackle or help resolve.  If you’d like to contact Mark, he will be glad to set up an in-home consultation, and an assessment of your dog’s behavior. As a commitment-based trainer, you can rest assured Mark will work with you and your dog until all of your training goals are fulfilled.

Owner/Head Trainer- Tom Porier

Connecticut Dog Trainer Tom Porier is a life-long dog lover and advocate. Growing up, and throughout his life, Tom was always the “go to” guy when friends, neighbors, or people associated with his various dog activities needed help our guidance with dog training issues.

After an extremely successful career in the hospitality industry, Tom decided to combine his love, and intuitive knowledge of dogs, with his customer service experience, as well as his genuine desire to help people and improve their quality of life, and start Camelot Dog Training. Camelot Dog Training, and Connecticut dog trainer, Tom Porier, offers professional, in-home dog training throughout the state.

Tom formalized his dog education and experience by becoming a member of Canine Trade Group. Headed by John Van Olden, an acclaimed dog trainer with over 25-years of professional dog behavior training experience, Canine Trade Group is an exclusive network of experienced, professional dog trainers, dedicated to the highest standards of professional conduct, training knowledge, and customer service.

Canine Trade Group dog trainers, after undergoing an extensive interview and selection process, must complete a comprehensive 360 hour training course, which consists of a curriculum of the study of canine learning and training theory, and three weeks of in-residence, hands-on training in Dover, Delaware, working primarily with rescue dogs, or dogs at risk for surrender because of severe behavioral issues. Canine Trade Group dog trainers also undergo monthly, ongoing training, and they enjoy the benefit of ongoing support.

Whether you just want to get your new puppy started on the right paw, want to make your good dog, great, or you have a dog who has a behavioral concern, including aggression or anxiety issues, Connecticut dog trainer, Tom Porier can help! In all cases, after a comprehensive, in-home, behavior consultation, Tom commits to working with you until all of your training goals are achieved, and beyond.