Dog Training FAQ’s

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Why is my involvement so important?

  • Owner involvement is essential to the success of any training program, especially one that takes place inside the home. Camelot Dog Training West’s goal is to build a relationship between you and your pet, not between your pet and myself. You need to learn how to communicate effectively with your dog so that he will obey your commands even after I’ve gone.

What are your credentials?

  • Our trainers have completed hundreds of hours of combined coursework in canine behavioral studies and canine psychology, as well as time in the field, facing common and uncommon behavioral problems head-on. Camelot Dog Training West is a certified member of Canine Trade Group, an exclusive network of high-qualified and experienced dog trainers.

What is the benefit of in-home training?

  • In-home dog training far surpasses other training methods, thanks mainly to three factors: individual attention, owner involvement, and the opportunity for the dog to be trained in his everyday environment. In-home training programs are tailored to fit your needs. You will learn everything we can teach you about communicating effectively with your dog, and your dog will practice everything he has learned while immersed in the place where he spends the majority of his time and exhibits the majority of his behavioral issues. Books, group classes, and board-and-train programs simply cannot provide these key advantages.

What if my dog is an aggressive breed?

  • At Camelot Dog Training West, we don’t believe there is such a thing as an “aggressive breed”. Any healthy dog, no matter their breed, can be successfully trained as long as he has a committed trainer and a committed owner.

I was told by another professional that my dog is beyond help. Won’t you say the same thing?

  • To be blunt, this sort of comment will only come from a trainer who is either not as knowledgeable in the field as he would like you to believe, or from a trainer who is just too lazy to figure out what works for your dog. As long as the behavioral problem doesn’t stem from a physical ailment (pain and discomfort can often manifest itself as anxiety and aggression), your dog is not beyond help. 

My dog isn’t aggressive and only has a few quirks. Why does he need to be trained?

  • The number one rule of dog training is that the definition of “a well-trained dog” is 100% subjective. If you, the owner, are happy with your dog’s behavior, that’s all that matters! It’s part of why our in-home training program is so customizable. One person might like their dog on the couch, another might not. One person might like being greeted with leaps and licks when they come home from work, another might not. If there is any improvement at all you’d like to see in your dog, call us. If you’re perfectly happy with your dog’s behavior, don’t overthink it. Just enjoy your wonderful pet and keep us in mind if any issues arise in the future!

If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 914.296.4100.