Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents

Usually, when we at Camelot Dog Training West talk about a “new addition” we’re talking about a new dog or puppy. In our Cribs & Canines program, the focus is on helping your dog adjust to a new addition of the human variety—a baby.

In the whirlwind of doctors’ appointments, nursery décor, and pacifiers, the dog is often overlooked. It’s perfectly natural for expectant parents to be so focused on how their lives will change that they forget it will also be a huge change for their pet.

ALL Behaviors Addressed

Common behavioral changes that new parents see in their dog include increased anxiety, jealousy, and territorial aggression. Your dog is used to having your full attention, and just like an older sibling, he may lash out or regress in behavior once he realizes he has to share his parents. He may get tired of having tiny hands grab him. He may confuse a child’s squeaky or stuffie toy for his own. He may be scared of the new noises that come with a new baby, like crying.

So how can you help your dog adjust to this new lifestyle without a lot of drama?

Ideally, owners will be proactive. Before the child is born, a certified trainer from Camelot Dog Training West can come to your home and give you the tools you need to nip any new behavioral issues in the bud.

However, most new parents have so much else on their minds they don’t realize their dog may struggle with the new baby until it’s already arrived. It’s never too late to train your dog! We can help get your dog’s behavior back up to snuff, even if the new baby is barely a baby anymore.

If your dog has growled or nipped at your child, we can restore trust. If your dog seems afraid of the new baby, we can help him feel safe. We can help!

Let the best certified dog trainers in Westchester, NY restore harmony in your household.

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