Being the owner of an aggressive dog is more stressful than most people realize. It’s not just having a dog that growls, nips, or lunges—it’s having a dog that makes it hard to go for walks, entertain visitors, or take a trip. It’s having a dog you want to love, but you find yourself feeling anxious and afraid instead.

It’s constantly wondering: What is he going to do next?

It can change a person’s entire outlook on dog ownership. Instead of enjoying the experience, owners are often left feeling trapped. They wanted Clifford the Big Red Dog or Lassie; instead they find themselves with Cujo!

And more often than not, they just deal with it.  

They can’t surrender the dog because they made a commitment. People would judge them. They’d never live it down. They can’t take it upon themselves to re-home the dog because what if the dog acts aggressively towards someone in his new home? Not to mention that they got the dog because, well, they or someone in their home wanted him there—and probably still do.

But there is a solution, and that solution is simple: Call Camelot Dog Training West!

We train aggressive dogs! In fact, it’s our specialty. 

We hate seeing families ripped apart or embroiled in tension when we could not only take control of the situation, but also teach the owners to take control of the situation. No matter the dog’s age, breed, size, or the severity of his aggression, there is a way to communicate to your dog that his current behavior is unacceptable. And we won’t stop until we figure out what makes your dog tick!

The first step is calling us for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll discuss your dog’s behavior over the phone, then meet you and your dog in person. We’ll get to the bottom of what’s triggering the behavior and create a unique training regimen that works to curb the behavior, and you stay involved throughout the entire process.

You can have the dog you’ve always wanted! In fact, you already have him. Let us show you a different side to your aggressive dog. Call Camelot Dog Training West at 914.296.4100 today.