People often roll their eyes when someone compares dog training to child-rearing, but there are some similarities. Hear me out! Both require boundaries and consistency to succeed, and these have to be established early on.

You wouldn’t wait until your child was ten years old to bring up the fact that they need to clean up their toys when they’re done playing with them and look both ways when they cross the street. You teach them these things as soon as they’re old enough to understand the concepts, and you continue to enforce these ideas as they grow. Eventually, they become second nature.

This is the way it is for dogs, too. If a dog is taught what’s expected from him as a puppy, he will be less likely to try your patience and prove easier to train in the future.

That’s why Camelot Dog Training West developed an in-home program specifically designed to help train your puppy! As soon as you bring your puppy home, one of our trainers can be at your side, helping you set up a comfortable living space that works for your dog and your family, discussing reasonable expectations for a bathroom schedule, working on basic obedience skills, and helping you set that all-important foundation of trust and respect that is absolutely essential in a dog-owner relationship.

If you waited a while to think about training, and your puppy is already getting into some bad habits, call us anyway! Excessive chewing, separation anxiety, and frustration with house training are all common complaints, and we are equipped to handle all of them.

Our goal for the puppy training program is to give you the tools you need—the very same tools that we use in our profession every single day—to communicate with your new pet, establish boundaries, build your confidence, and build your dog’s confidence in you.

By the time we leave you, you will have a puppy who’s not only an adorable addition to the family, but also feels secure in his role in the home.

If you have a new puppy in your home, or soon will, call Camelot Dog Training West today. We can help make the experience a smooth transition, easing any anxieties and giving you more time to enjoy your new puppy! Reach us at 914.296.4100.