About Camelot Dog Training West

We’re proud to say that Camelot Dog Training West is vet recommended. Our Westchester dog trainer has successfully aided dozens of dogs in reaching their full potential. From the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Mastiff, we won’t shy away from the truly tough problems like aggression, anxiety, and destructive behavior. Our firm but gentle reward-based training program is proven effective.

And one of the keys to our success? Customization.

We meet with you conveniently in your home to discuss what changes you’d like to see in your dog’s behavior. There is no one-size-fits-all training methodology here, especially when there are major unwanted behaviors occurring.

At Camelot Dog Training West, your dog will not only learn to obey basic commands like sit, stay, heel, but he will also learn valuable tools like calming techniques, crate training (if desired), proper leash behavior, and more.

Need more convincing? Ask us about our qualifications.

No one looks at a dog trainer and says, “That looks easy; I’ll do that for a living!” Because it’s not easy! It requires a deep love for man’s best friend, a passion to keep pets with their families, and a continuously expanding knowledge of canine behavior.

Before starting this venture, we became certified through the prestigious Canine Trade Group program headed by John Van Olden, who has been in the business for thirty years. This required hundreds of hours of combined bookwork and field experience as well as the commitment to stay abreast of new and improved information.

We’re experts in our field, but we won’t just come into your home and spout off what we know; we pass on the knowledge to you, the owner, the person who needs to know the detailed, research-based information the most!

To learn more about in-home training and why it’s the number one choice, visit our in-home training page. If you’d like more information on how in-home training can benefit you personally, give us a call at 914.296.4100.